What I aim to achieve at the end of EGabriel Bootcamp by Erhieyovwe Mary

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Back then, there is a saying that "Girls/Women are met to be in the kitchen". That era has ended. Now, women are a great asset to this world. Women are dominating and bringing more value and impact to the table and this nation.

I just started a tech journey with EGabriel Bootcamp. I am a .Net Developer. I believe for you to grow and stand out, learning must be a continuous process, we learn, improve and achieve bigger things every day.

In this Bootcamp tech journey with EGabriel, I hope to achieve the following:

  • Getting acquainted with C#, ASP.Net Core and Web APIs.
  • Building Web applications and Web APIs for real-life products.
  • Ability to read codes, and debug errors from my code and existing ones.
  • Ability to write a unit test for codes to test their functionality.
  • Ability to deploy web applications to the cloud.

Now how do I hope to achieve all these?

As I said learning is a continuous process, you never stop learning if you want to achieve much.

  • By consistently devoting myself to practice.
  • Building personal projects.
  • Challenging myself daily with algorithms to improve my reasoning ability.

To know more about the EGabriel Bootcamp Click Here.

What I aim to achieve at the end of EGabriel Bootcamp by Erhieyovwe Mary



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